Benefitsology: It’s Time To Expect More From Your Benefits

Benefitsology™: The unique and proprietary study and analysis of employee benefits. Benefitsology™ is more than identifying activities to control health care costs and promote a healthy work environment for employees. Ultimately the process includes custom solutions for all your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis, developing employee policies and consumer driven programs that are tailored specifically for each business. The process has emphasis on consumerism and education where most benefit programs lack.

A few years back, Xavier was a mid-level school with a decent basketball program. They consistently put out pretty good teams, but never enough to create legacies or even serious tournament noise. But that all changed when the school hired relatively unknown Chris Mack to coach the program. Change was noticeable almost instantly. The team put together their best season in decades and immediately went from a good mid-sized team to an annual championship contender. But how did he do it? The answer is probably multifaceted, but it all starts with expectations.

You get what you expect. In order for Xavier to reach the success and contending status they’d been after, they had to first expect it. It’s meant change. It meant doing things differently. It meant seeking solutions and making decisions that lined up with those expectations. So what does this have to do with your insurance? Is this just a clever way to fit in another sports analogy? The answers are: you’ll see and yes/no, in that order.

You see, the same principles that took that Xavier team to new heights are the same principles that apply to everything else in life, from relationships to business. And yes, your benefits package too. It always starts with expectations. When it comes to benefits, there’s a good chance you have a decent package in place for your employees. And that might work. Decent packages attract decent employees. But what if you expected more from your benefits and your insurance agent? What if you expected greatness?

We created Benefitsology™ because we believe you should expect more from your agent, and those expectations should start with added value and employee satisfaction. So what is Benefitsology™? Well, if you remember your roots (yes, those boring things from high school English), you might remember that the suffix -ology means the study of. So, in short, Benefitsology™ is the unique study of employee benefits. But it’s more than that. Benefitsology™ is a platform that is tailored specifically to your company’s needs by offering and providing comprehensive solutions to your employee healthcare plans with an emphasis on consumerism and education where other programs are lacking.

Most insurance agencies can help you control healthcare costs and promote a healthy, safe work environment. But remember those expectations? We’re not trying to do the same thing everyone else is. We’re offering more. The value of Benefitsology™ is in everything else that comes with it. Contribution strategy guidance, plan analysis, health and wellness education in the workplace, claims analysis, employee policy guidance, and consumer-driven programs. Benefitology™ can even help you improve your own business processes. Any agency can help you determine whether high-premium/low deductible solutions are right for you or if low-premium/high deductible plans make more sense. But Benefitsology™ also cares about the power of your plan. Does it meet your company value statements and objectives? Does it offer consumer-driven support with succession planning, employee education, gap plans, HSAs, HRAs, and Executive packages? At Denesha Insurance, we are committed to providing you with insurance and benefits plans that meet these vital requirements. But we’re also committed to adding a level of convenience and support that is what you should start expecting.

The advent of new technology and platforms has created a level of convenience that wasn’t previously available in the insurance sector. Unfortunately, the sector hasn’t adapted as quickly to the technology and a lot of practices are out of date and inconvenient. By embracing these advances, Benefitsology™ allows you greater convenience and support. You can manage your plans from your computer or smartphone. Enrollment meetings no longer have to be logistical nightmares, as we can offer enrollment in-person, via videoconference, or even from the on-the-go convenience of your smartphone. After all, isn’t time-savings really just another form of cost-savings?

57% of employees surveyed stated that benefits are a top priority when accepting a new job. Odds are, you’re already attracting decent employees with your decent benefits package. But we’re not after decent. We’re after the best. Imagine the level of quality and happiness you can expect from your employees if your package is offering more. That’s the expectation we have at Denesha Insurance Agency with our unique Benefitsology™ program, and that’s the level of expectation you should have when it comes to your benefits.