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Employee benefits are a crucial but often complicated part of an employment package, and it is not always as easy to understand quantifiable perks such as salary and vacation time. However, insurance benefits are much more than just a workplace bonus—they are key safeguards that can enhance your quality of life for decades to come.


The journey to health and wellness can be accomplished with small steps. We are committed to posting relevant information to inspire our readers and introduce new ideas on how to not only obtain better health and wellness, but how to continue living a healthy and mindful life-style.


Most insurance policies provide a “just in case” umbrella. For example, car and healthcare insurance are based on offering financial relief from the potential of an auto accident and illness, respectively. There are good chances that these events do not occur and, if they do, there are good chances that they will not be serious. The chances of events occurring and the different severities of such events are all factored into the premiums you pay and coverage you receive. However, just because you have auto, healthcare, home, and other insurance policies, do not assume that you are already knowledgeable about life insurance.