What Employers Want

When it comes to your business, your employees are the foundation. They carry out your vision. They execute your plan. They help make your business more profitable. Most employers want a partner that will help with 1, or more of the following: Make the company more money. Save the company money. Make the owners job easier, so he can focus on growing the business. At the end of the day, your employees are the lifeblood of your business. All employers understand this, and employee retention and great hiring are essential to sustained success. But in a shifting employment landscape, finding the right people to take your business to new heights is becoming more competitive than ever, and employee healthcare and benefits play a huge part in this shift. It can leave you feeling frustrated as you try to compete with businesses offering better packages. It can lead to turnover and worse, to an overall decrease in your business.

I created Benefitsology™ to be a partnership tool for employers who want to keep growing through the cultivation of a top-level workforce and environment. Benefitsology is a comprehensive tool to help employers find the custom insurance and benefits solutions that are right for them. By bringing this revolutionary tool to our clients, we are able to help them develop strategies for their employee benefits packages by focusing on tailored solutions to ensure their benefits packages are cutting edge and meet a full range of employee needs. Happier employees make for a better work-life environment, better retention, and ultimately a better business.

Not long ago I built and ran a business that worked with oil companies to identify the strength and efficiency of their wells. Through detailed procedures and comprehensive analysis, we were able to make their wells more efficient – and profitable! And now, using this same eye for analysis, I’ve been able to partner with businesses of all sizes to make their insurance plans more effective and efficient by providing several vital services:

  • Consumer Care: The greatest part of Benefitsology™ are the essential consumer tracking tools that we’ve made available to each of our customers. This allows you to shop around to find the care that you need. Keep track of deductibles, coverage amounts, and any other details that you need. Smart consumers need smart insurance, and Benefitsology was made for you.
  • Possible Tax Rebate Qualification: Many small businesses are eligible for tax rebates of anywhere between 30-50% of the employer-paid portions of insurance plans, but most of those businesses aren’t aware. We’ll review thoroughly to see if you qualify.
  • Unrivaled Customer Service and Support: At the end of the day, the level of service you receive is as important as anything else we do. Each inquiry will be responded to within 60 minutes during business hours and first thing the next day if outside of those hours. And with business hours from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, we’re there when you need us the most. Being a partner to you and your business means being available and being reliable. This industry was founded on care and support, and we believe it can only succeed if we return to those values.
  • Health and Wellness Education: A primary part of Benefitsology™ is providing you and your employees with a level of education that is typically lacking with traditional insurance avenues. Proper education is the key to unlocking the power of your insurance plan, and to saving money. Educating on healthy habits and practices will help to minimize your healthcare costs.
  • Contribution Strategies: We work to find employer contribution strategies that make sense for the business while also remaining competitive with the rest of the employment market.
  • Policy and Employee Handbook Creation: Minimizing risk in the workplace is essential to a strong work environment. We’ll help you create policies that translate to a healthier workplace and document them in handbooks that make sense.
  • Next-level Communication: The business world has already changed, but unfortunately the way most insurance providers communicate hasn’t. Benefitsology brings a host of valuable tools and services to communicate with you and your employees. From video-chats to webinars to in-person meetings, we have communication tools that anybody can access.
  • Benefit Plan Analysis: Insurance plans can be tricky and confusing. We will help you identify the strengths, gaps, and weaknesses of your existing plans so that we can begin to implement strategies and solutions to strengthen your package.

At the end of the day, what every employer wants is a partner. I believe that by bringing Benefitsology to you, we are able to become the partners you deserve. We want to see you succeed. We want you to save money. We want you to have the productive employees that will help you get to the next level. And we do all that by making sure you have an easy-to-understand, competitive benefits package that keeps your workforce happy.

Every golfer needs a caddy. Every ballplayer needs a batboy. We’ll partner with you on the sidelines to make sure you have the tools to be better than the competition so that you can be the star inside of the arena. Ready for the partner you deserve? See how Benefitsology can help you develop and keep the team you need to remain at the top of your business.