Why Us

I am frequently asked “Why should I choose you as my employee benefits broker” or “What makes you different?

My answer is always the same. Not sure if there is a difference. If your current broker is doing a wonderful job, there may not be much of a difference. I might have to ask his golf handicap?

If your agent is doing a great job, keep him/her. If you are comfortable with your health insurance benefits as it relates to cost, stay where you are. If you are confident you are compliant with existing federal, state and local compliance challenges, by all means stay right wher you are. If you like your enrollment technology and voluntary options, wonderful. There are a lot of good brokers and agents. Most do a pretty good job. But if you have a question with anything as it pertains to your benefits, does it hurt to get an independent review and confirm that you are where you should be, and compliant? Some people don’t want to know.

Everyone promises great customer service. That should be the norm. At the Denesha Insurance Agency, we strive to give our clients ‘value added’ services. We have a commitment to customer care that we believe ranks our business a cut above the average insurance agency. It’s a fundamental philosophy that we call the Denesha Difference. Here are just some of the reasons that business owners should choose our agency to be their insurance broker.

The Denesha Difference

  • We offer a unique business review program, a comprehensive assessment of your business’s insurance and employee benefit plan, with an eye toward compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. If you are positioned properly, we will tell you to stay right where you are
  • We utilize the latest technology and software platforms. Most enrollment software is intended for larger companies of 100 or more employees, but developers are starting to to target the small to medium business niche with insurance solutions designed to meet their unique needs. We try out new products when they come on the market and thus can recommend the right solutions for a company’s specific needs, and can offer assistance with customizing and troubleshooting new technologies.
  • We offer the option of either electronic enrollment, one-on-one in person enrollment, or a combination of the two.
  • Companies can monitor and maintain HR compliance functions online if they choose.
  • We take a proactive approach to legislative compliance issues and any other critical factors that HR departments need to be aware of.
  • Open enrollment is usually the most challenging time of the year for our clients, and we’re there to guide you through the process, but Denesha Insurance Agency continues to serve our customers throughout the other 11 months of the year. We’ll advise you on the best and most in-demand employee benefits, and help you to develop a strategic plan to lower the cost of health claims. We fully understand that health benefits are more than just a perk, they’re also an important recruitment and retention tool, and choosing the right plan is important for employee morale. We also ensure that you’re always informed about the latest compliance requirements.
  • Our regular business hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, longer than any other agency we’re aware of, and we can also be reached on weekends by phone, text, or email.
  • As more regulatory requirements are placed on businesses, they need an insurance broker who can not only actively engage with their employees, but also leverage new technologies to help streamline the administrative tasks associated with their benefit plan.
  • We help both businesses and families analyze the coverage they need for their particular situation, and develop a customized policy that also fits their budget.
  • When you call the Denesha Insurance Agency, the phone will most likely be answered by one of the owners, either Terry or his wife Debbie. They’ll be ready to assist you with benefits support, employee communications, and personalized insurance services.
  • We always try to anticipate our customer’s needs, and proactive service is one of the key points that differentiate us from our competition.
  • Free, no obligation review of current benefits and compliance.

We believe that once you’ve worked with our agency, you’ll appreciate the Denesha Difference. Contact us at any time to discuss all of your insurance needs. Even if it’s only to confirm your guy is doing a great job.