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I'm Terry, and We Help Businesses & People Make Smarter Decisions When it Comes to Insurance.

The Insurance Puzzle: Do You Have all the pieces?

With sky-high premiums, limited doctor access, and complex co-pays, you might feel something’s missing. At Denesha, we complete the puzzle with tailored solutions, meaningful savings, and uncomplicated support. Ready to unlock a 10%-50% tax rebate on your health insurance premiums?

The Insurance Puzzle

Are You Ready to Think Deeper About Your Insurance?

  • Is your business making the most out of employee benefits? Are there accident claims they could be receiving? Do your employees need help with filling claims?
  • Are you harnessing the power of benefits to attract top talent? Did you know that 57% of employees consider benefits when applying for a job?
  • Is your business maximally utilizing medical, dental, vision, wellness, accident and other benefits?
  • More companies qualify for FREE ERTC than you think, how much does your company qualify for?
  • Are you aware of new wellness and financial wellness options? Have you initiated Cal Savers or equivalent?
  • How confident are you with HR, ERISA, COBRA compliance?

Are you settling for your current insurance situation out of comfort or fear of change? We understand this common concern, and we’re here to show you how easy it can be to explore better options. Challenge the status quo and gain peace of mind by asking yourself

Learn How We Saved a California Business $332,599 in One Year

Without Reducing Benefits

Are you one of the many individuals or businesses content with your current insurance situation due to fear of change? Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way? We have a story to tell that might just inspire you to think differently.​

🔍 The Case Study:

Our client – a thriving local company with 102 employees – was once like you. The owner was content with their coverage, broker, and overall situation. But driven by a hint of curiosity and the urge to ensure he truly had the best in place for his team, he decided to to explore Benefitsology™ and challenge the status quo, just to confirm his company was optimally positioned in the benefits landscape. 


🚀 Benefitsology™ in Action:

With Benefitsology™ at our helm, we reimagined their insurance portfolio. We created a tailored plan that aligned their needs with the right insurance benefits. 


💰 The Result:

An impressive annual saving of $332,599, without any compromise on benefits.

📋 The Deep Dive:

Our first step was a comprehensive review of their current benefits. We expected them to be well-positioned. We investigated every aspect – health, dental, vision, life, accident, disability, LTC, wellness, 401k, and other ancillary benefits. However, it became increasingly clear that there was significant room for improvement.



👑 Denesha Exclusivity

At Denesha Insurance, we believe in exclusivity. We don’t aspire to be a broker for everyone. Our focus is on offering an unmatched level of personalized service to those who value it most. Our team is here for you from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. No automated responses, just real people ready to assist. 

Are you ready to challenge your current benefits setup to ensure it's working best for your business and your employees? Ready to Discover Your Savings?

Think Employee Benefits are Complex? Denesha Makes It Easy

From Mental Health to Telemedicine, we offer tailored cost-effective solutions for your needs. Consider Self Funding and Level Funding options to protect your company without increasing costs.

Healthcare shouldn’t be complex or expensive. At Denesha, we understand your frustration with rising insurance costs. Did you know that 66.5% of bankruptcies result from medical expenses? That’s why we’re here to help you navigate alternatives like Mental Health support, Telemedicine, Self Funding, and Level Funding. These are practical strategies to bring back affordability without compromising quality.

Unlike generic promises, we provide a genuine and straightforward approach to help you find a better path for your company’s healthcare needs.

Let's explore these possibilities together, without the sales pitch, and discover an approach that truly makes sense for you

Think Switching is a Hassle? Think Again.

We’ve made switching to Denesha as easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

Follow our simple step-by-step guide and transform your insurance experience in no time. We provide solutions your insurance needs!

We offer a range of enrollment methods from traditional Open Enrollment to personal
in-person meetings, and convenient Electronic Open Enrollment. Our team handles all the necessary paperwork, liaises with insurance companies on your behalf, and ensures a seamless transition.


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We offer Flexible Coverages

Whether you need coverage, for new home purchases or a short-term policy for big project, We can provides solution and can help get you protected.

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Forget one-size-fits insurance. These exact protection your family and business needs, right when your need it most.

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Meet Terry Denesha

He is passionate about helping you navigate personal and business insurance! Terry has years of experience working closely with clients to help them get the most out of their insurance. Learn more about him and Denesha Insurance Group. Learn more about him and Denesha Insurance Group here

Ask Terry Denesha

Remaining competitive in the hunt for the right job candidates who will propel your business to success is a struggle. Once you find the people you need, you have to convince them that your company is a better place to work than your competitors. A strategic, quality benefits package can help you attract and retain those top employees.

Employees value a well-rounded selection of benefits, and health insurance, a 401(k) plan, life insurance and dental coverage are a few of the plans that you can consider offering.

The Benefits

Benefits packages offer value to your employees and help you boost productivity and retention in a cost-effective manner. Here are a few of the advantages of offering employee benefits as part of your compensation package.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Employees highly value a good benefits package. Developing a strategic benefits package that targets specific types of employees can help attract the right job candidates to keep your organization running at peak efficiency.

Once you have these top-performing employees at your company, providing a tailored employee benefits package will serve as a barrier to them leaving—a great benefits package can be a huge advantage when looking at retention strategies because it holds more than just monetary value for the employee. A bigger salary at another company likely won’t be as strong a pull for an employee tempted to leave if the other company’s benefits package isn’t as attractive as yours.

Benefitsology™ is a place where you can learn all about benefits and discover custom solutions for your business.

Benefitsology™ process has emphasis on consumerism and education where most benefit programs lack. With my economics and efficiency background, I have a strong opinion that the future of employee benefits will need to rely heavily on ability for each of us to shop and compare. Transparency has to occur. The optimum end result is as unique as the company that is being reviewed.

It is more than study of employee benefits but also can include reviews of some business processes.

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Updating policies and remaining compliant on a vast number of issues in the workplace, as well as keeping up on wellness, employee communications and other HR topics, are big concerns and can be a burden for HR departments.

Gathering information from a variety of sources can be time-consuming and tedious. You also need to ensure that you’re gathering accurate, up-to-date information, which is a challenge when using the Internet. Misinformation and confusion will not be an acceptable excuse if you are fined for noncompliance with government regulations, so finding a good source of information for HR support is crucial.

What You Need
We understand that HR departments are spread thinner than ever, yet are responsible for vitally important parts of the business: workplace compliance, policies and procedures, employee communications, benefits enrollment and much more. Researching, writing and maintaining all the information needed to stay on top of these tasks, in addition to handling day-to-day responsibilities, can be time-consuming for an overwhelmed HR staff.

For example, accurate, timely enrollment information is vital to smooth enrollment periods and happy employees, but explaining benefits to employees can take a lot of time. Good articles and explanatory materials can cut down on the time HR needs to spend face-to-face presenting and explaining basic benefit terms and information.

The Challenges
The difficulties of keeping up with changing government regulations are numerous, especially in the current environment of massive health care changes that affect businesses and individuals alike. Search engines such as Google can be used to look for information on a variety of HR-related issues, but the endless list of results can be unwieldy and difficult to sift through

Right here! Click or tap the link here to be brought to our health insurance plan comparison tool. You can either download the interactive PDF or use it right in your web browser!

You will have a trusted advisor. As benefit costs and employee expectations rise, many
employers are struggling to balance their employee needs with their own capabilities
and cotton lines. Not sure what cotton lines? Brokers will try to sell to you based on
having the lowest price, but sometimes the best value is the broker who does more than simply offering a policy—one who supports your varied business needs, including compliance, HR, wellness and more. The best value isn’t always the lowest priced. Depends on multiple factors, but if you are healthy, the least expensive plan might be the best value. Really, why do we have health insurance? In case of the God forbid event, our loved ones will have the best care available. Not simply stabilize you and release you. Then have financial debt follow you until paid.

In today’s market, pricing is similar among brokers, but only the best offer you a complete consultative package.

What a Consultative Broker Can Offer:

A consultative broker can do much more for you than just place your coverage. A consultative broker strives to be a strategic partner for your business, learning about your challenges and needs, and how he or she can support you with a variety of resources and services. They think 2-10 years ahead and develop strategy to get there.

Serving in an advisory role, a broker can develop a multi-year strategic plan to help you lower medical costs, streamline HR operations, implement a wellness program and follow through on other key initiatives.

A consultative broker can assist you by being an educational resource and strategic advisor and offer HR support.

  • As an educational resource, a broker can help you understand complicated, changing mandates that dictate health care reform compliance by providing timely legislative bulletins detailing and explaining new and changing rules, regulations and delays.
    A broker serving in this role will also be able to provide educational materials relating to benefits, wellness, and other topics of concern and interest.
  • As a strategic advisor, a broker can help you with health risk management and wellness programs. You could easily reap the benefits of a wellness program that leads to a healthier workforce, potentially triggering less absenteeism due to illness, more  productive employees and improved morale. The consultative broker can provide you with a comprehensive wellness program plan that includes everything you need to set up and implement a program and assess the outcome, leaving you with very little to do besides insert necessary information in easily customized segments.
  • As HR support, a broker can provide access to employee newsletters and benefit announcements, as well as sample documents and expert advice for crafting policies, forms, benefits summary statements, handbooks and more. A broker can also provide an online portal for employees to self-serve benefits and other information when it’s most convenient for them.

Denesha Insurance Agency can offer you a range of services, and strives to earn your trust as a resource and advisor for a variety of issues you face. We would love the opportunity to do a consultation and assess how our offerings can address your unique business needs.

Contact me at 661-397-0041 or email at terry@denesha.net.


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