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Today’s health insurance landscape has evolved, and so have the roles of insurance agents. They are no longer mere presenters of plan options but have transformed into Strategic Benefits Advisors.

We advise, and guide our clients on multiple topics. HR & Compliance, CPA, medical billing advocate, care coordinator, micro-economist, paralegal, concierge medicine, consumerism advocate and general business consultant, and yes, health insurance agent. Are thinking of providing better benefits at employees because you want the best value available?

Strategic Benefits Advisor with expertise in employee benefits, legislative compliance, and Obamacare. Are contrarian, or you simply go along with whatever your broker recommends? Try Benefitsology, we think you will be glad you did 😃

Learn 8 different ways to save money and why nobody is talking about the 30% - 50% tax rebate!

57% of employees say benefits are a top consideration when accepting a position.

Learn how to attract and retain competitive workforce with new benefits.

Learn how long term goals are converted into short term objectives, ultimately hitting the target.


It time as custom solution of health care management, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and the training, claims analysis, developing employee policies, and consumer driven programs tailored specifically each business.

Benefits 101

Here are easy-to-read materials to help employees learn and retain basic benefits information.

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Benefits Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter that covers hot benefits topics in depth. Bulletins will be distributed in January, April, July and October.

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Employee Consumerism Education

Here you will find a collection of materials designed to help employees become more educated consumers of health care.