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Running a business in California is tough, they should know! Owners of Denesha Ins Agency use to be in the oil business. They have seen their share of oil boom and busts. Going from 35 employees to 0 employees and owing the government $45,000. Their background formed their constant attitude of trying to do things better. How can we be more efficient? Questioning why should this certain way? Just because that way it’s always been done isn’t good enough. Both grew up in Oildale and sayingmodest financially is somewhat of overstatement. Terry and Debbie both had hard working backgrounds. Terry played sports in high school and played baseball at Bakersfield College and earned A.A in 2 years. Terry earned partial baseball scholarship to attend University of California Santa Barbara. Terry went to school, worked, played baseball his junior year and made golf team his 4 th and 5 th year. He graduated in 1982 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics.

Terry has already started business with oldest brother before graduating. Anatesco, to their knowledge was one of the first businesses to have computers, printers, plotters in vans. The main business was to help producers identify inefficiencies with individual oil wells. The standard test was to identify two main things.

  1. Was the individual well producing everything the well was capable to giving up. If well was producing everything it was able, then trying to optimize surface equipment was next step.
  2.  If well was capable of producing more, why wasn’t it? Was it because of mechanical failure of pumping potential? Standing valve or traveling valve seat integrity? Or, did the producer simply need to increase pumping capacity? Bigger unit, bigger pump, faster, larger stroke?

Running business is tough. But insurance should be the least of your worries. Leave it to us, a family run business that focuses on the needs of employers and employees.

Terry & Debbie sold their interest in Anatesco in 2005. His employee benefits broker said that should come work for him. The company was bigger brokers in Bakersfield and owner was great guy. After 10 years had meeting and owner simply said he was unable to provide the quality customer service that he wanted for his groups. Terry was little taken aback and owner suggested if he wanted to provide the customer service they were talking about, that he should start his own company. Which did the next day. He could now provide customer service that every company deserves. More of Concierge employee benefits company. A real person to answer the phone. 7:30 – 5:30 normal business hours. They do not want to broker for every company. They try to partner with companies that appreciate their employees. Who truly care for their employees. Denesha Insurance prides themselves on being accessible and helpful to clients.

Terry continually challenges the status quo by asking “why?” and never being afraid to change the things aren’t working! It might working ok, but hey, this might work better.

These values have been carried with Terry Denesha since the beginning of his entrepreneurial days. His first major business, in the oil industry, led him to know the value of employees and what it takes to run a successful company. He challenged that status quo and led with technology. I’m not sure are ahead of game, but we sure like to ask the question of how can better?

His can-do attitude has led him to insurance, because he wants every employer, and employee to have peace of mind. It is no secret that insurance space have issues. (The PPACA was not really good decision. It helped with pre-existing conditions and help standardize coverages. But at what cost? Rates have gone up approximately 300% for indiviudals. Truth told, if California would have expanded the High Risk Pool, that could have solved a lot of health care issues are 1/10 of cost. He believes in American can-do attitude. It is a need, there will be people trying to provide solutions.)

There are brokers out there who do not do the work. They simply to minimum and renew business. They don’t question whether are better options? But Terry is different. He wants to see every hard-working person succeed. He wants to make insurance easy to understand can get back to doing your job!

Why not schedule time to talk and see if they can show you a better way. Determine if Concierge service is something you are interested in?