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We strongly encourage everyone to subscribe to their specific major medical carrier below. Each carrier has unique content to help you get the most value for your monthly premium. We have written a series of emails to get some of this information to you on a regular basis. Yes, we will send special emails when something changes, or there is a special announcement.

Please feel free to subscribe to the other topics that tickle your fancy. We are constantly updating and trying to improve, so check back frequently. I am wanting to add some sporting and inspirational segments, but we shall see if time permits.

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when it comes to insurance.

I am frequently asked “Why should I choose you as my employee benefits broker” or “What makes you different”?

My answer is always the same. Not sure if there is a difference. If your current broker is doing a wonderful job, there may not be much of a difference. I might have to ask his golf handicap? 


If your agent is doing a great job, keep him/her. If you are comfortable with your health insurance benefits as it relates to cost, stay where you are. If you are confident you are compliant with existing federal, state and local compliance challenges, by all means stay right wher you are. If you like your enrollment technology and voluntary options, wonderful.


There are a lot of good brokers and agents. Most do a pretty good job. But if you have a question with anything as it pertains to your benefits, does it hurt to get an independent review and confirm that you are where you should be, and compliant? Some people don’t want to know.

We are working together to deliver more than you expect – with us it’s always personal.