Did you pay for your Covid-19 Test??

Did you pay for your Covid-19 Test?? Most, if not all of us have friends and, or, loved ones who have had Covid-19 test. Did you pay for your test? Should you be required to pay for the test if you have health insurance? Well, well, well? You should probably not be required to pay […]

Mindful Benefits – How about a little more LOVE & CARING in the world

Empathy is one of the greatest gifts we can share. Recent studies have shown empathy is declining and stress levels have a lot to do with it. Oxytocin, or the “love” hormone, works on the same brain receptors as cortisol, the “stress” hormone-it’s neurologically impossible to be both stressed out and really loving and kind […]

Have you thought about your companies benefits?

Meeting about Employee Benefits

Yes, Open Enrollment is not too far away. Use this simple video to let employees know that open enrollment is coming soon and to start thinking about how you used your benefits this last year. Did my benefits perform as expected? Could I have used preventive care better? What are my thoughts on how my […]