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Employee Benefits

If we told you that you could provide the same or better employee benefits for less, would you want to learn more?

A New Vision for Employee Benefits

57% of employees

say benefits are a top consideration when accepting a new position.

Good work-life balance

improves employee performance and positively affects your business.
At Denesha Insurance, our purpose is to help you figure out where to go from here. If you’re wondering what you could be getting out of your benefits, Terry or Debbie would love to talk it over with you. We believe education is key to making wise decisions on our employee benefits. Of course, you may be asking, “What’s in it for me?” To answer that question with another: if you could save 20-50% on current plans, would you consider changing? Using BenefitsologyTM, our unique and proprietary study of employee benefits, we can help you to view your business model with fresh eyes and advise you on strategies for growth. We invite you to schedule a renewal meeting, BenefitsologyTM review or HR and compliance review today.

Impact of Good Benefits

Good employee benefits allow the people who work for you to live their lives to the fullest without some of the health and wellness related worries and stress that can impede their performance. Each aspect of your employees’ well-being impacts the next, so creating a benefits package that addresses all aspects of wellness can produce an impact that resonates across all levels of your business.


When employees have incentives to eat healthy, be active, and avoid destructive behaviors, their physical well-being impacts other aspects of their work and life.


Emotional and psychological well-being have a positive effect on employees’ ability to handle stress, work productively, and show confidence in the work place.


Employee benefits like retirement planning or HSA accounts allow your employees to be better financially prepared for their future, offering peace of mind.
The idea here is to really help our groups better understand how the health care system works. Try to get the most value from what they are paying for. Most people agree that the current, fully insured model is not working as it exists. We need to rethink how health care is delivered. People need to be more conscious on how their health care dollar is spent. There needs to be change. How do you do this? There are multiple ways and one size does not fit all. Consumerism and transparency are a start. Denesha Insurance agency is small enough to source best options for each company they work with. For most, it will probably be a gradual migration; for some, it will be feet first.

One of our main goals is to enable companies to take ownership of and better manage the cost of their health benefits. Denesha Insurance Agency is continually introducing innovative tools and services for employers and the members to make healthier, more cost-effective decisions. The more we know and understand, the better decisions we ultimately make. The healthier we become. The more money we save. The more productive our company will be.

Options to Consider

Employee benefits are not restricted to the most basic medical, dental and vision plans. You can offer your employees a range of additional options, including life, hospital indemnity, accident, cancer, Medicare, identity theft, PTO family leave, and more.

Changing Perspectives on Employee Benefits

Diving deep into the study of employee benefits can actually help you improve your business processes overall. How? Explore Benefitsology with us and you can find out. We developed Benefitsology – the study of employee benefits – as a unique perspective on benefits, but not limited to benefits only. Benefitsology is a unique fact finding process focused on uncovering gaps or problems or opportunities. We will be your advisor on things other than employee benefits.