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Errol Shaw – Fear won’t dictate my life

Terry Denesha

Terry Denesha

A friend of mine wrote article to Bakersfield Californian that was published on 10-14-20 that is worthy of re-posting.

“Fear is defined as an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat, which causes psychological changes and ultimately behavioral changes, such as fleeing, hiding or freezing from perceived traumatic events, according to Wikipedia. The antithesis of fear is curiosity, trust, courage or calmness. Could it be that President Trump is encouraging the citizenry to remain calm, have courage and trust that an answer will soon be available?

Letter writers state that more than 200,000 have died from COVID-19, yet the CDC has admitted that many of the deaths are directly related to a preexisting health issue that would have resulted in death without COVID-19. The majority of deaths are elderly (eight out of 10 are over the age of 65, with the greatest number in the 85 and above range, as reported by CDC). We haven’t received any report of deaths from COVID-19 alone. All reporting seems to try to instill fear in our citizens and to blame Trump.

The Bible teaches us that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind (2Timothy1:7). It also teaches that love casts out all fear (1John 4:18). Isn’t it time for the bashing of Trump to cease, for the blame of COVID-19 to go where it belongs, where it originated? I for one will not allow fear to cause me to flee, hide or freeze. It is up to the governors to determine when each state reopens, not Trump. Writers imply that it is Trump who has caused all of the financial problems. Call Gov. Newsom and ask him to open Kern County.

Errol Shaw, Bakersfield”

Perception and choice. We all have ability to choose how we perceive any given situation, and then react. Why not choose love, power and a sound mind.