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Ensure the best benefits for your employees.

If you could have the same, or better health insurance and benefits plans for less, would you want to know?  Is it worth 20 minutes of your time?

Many businesses overpay for their company health insurance and benefits plans.  In many cases, businesses don’t have the time to know better. At Denesha, we are here to help take that on for you. We know better. And we can get there quicker. We curate plans that meet the specific needs of your company, and save you money in the process.


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Expect More from Your Employee Benefits

Employee benefit plans are not one size fits all. You are given freedom to customize a lot in life, why not also customize your benefits? It’s time to find a plan that is perfectly tailored to you and your business. Find custom solutions for your health care management. Solutions available for benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, general health and wellness education and training, and many more. At Denesha Insurance, our special benefits program is called Benefitsology.
Benefitsology is the practice of emphasizing consumerism and training where most traditional benefit plans lack. The goal is to create a result that is a unique as the company it is tailored towards. The process is not just a study of employee benefits, but also a review of the business and its processes.

Expect More from Your Employee Benefits

With Benefitsology, you’ll learn how to attract and retain competitive workforce with new benefits, determine how long-term goals are converted into short term objectives, and discover 8 different ways to save money and why nobody is talking about the 30% – 50% tax rebate!