Mindful Benefits – Nature

Spending time in nature has healing and restorative power. Being outdoors increases well-being, helps alleviate stress and anxiety, promotes creativity, assists with recovery from mental fatigue, helps restore attention, boosts the brain’s ability to think, and engages the senses. – Catherine Morey-Nase Happy Birthday Scott Hey, everybody’s appreciation of nature is a little different. What’s […]

Mindful Benefits – How about a little more LOVE & CARING in the world

Empathy is one of the greatest gifts we can share. Recent studies have shown empathy is declining and stress levels have a lot to do with it. Oxytocin, or the “love” hormone, works on the same brain receptors as cortisol, the “stress” hormone-it’s neurologically impossible to be both stressed out and really loving and kind […]

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Z

Hey, are you ready, or almost ready to start growing your business again? Are you starting the interview process? Looking for just the right employee? Estimates show that by 2030, Generation Z could make up over half of the workforce. As more of Generation Z begins to enter the workforce, figuring out how to attract […]

Stress – How do you handle at workplace?


This toolkit serves as an introduction to workplace stress and provides several ways that employers can address and mitigate stress in the workplace. It is not intended as legal or medical advice and should only be used for informational purposes. According to a Gallup poll, 55% of Americans experience stress daily—making the United States one […]

Are we ready to get back to work?

Most of us are ready to get back to work. I’m already growing weary of the “new normal” term. I’m trying to get over that and figure out what I need to do, to get my team, my company moving forward. But, due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic affecting workplaces, many of us […]

6 Steps for Creating a Return to Work Action Plan – Video – Happy

Hi Everybody, Some, Most of us are ready to get back to work. This video features six steps to help get you started with your return to work action plan. Please review this video and contact me for a step by step work action plan guide created to help you do just that. The guidebook […]

Opening Up America Again Guidelines

I’m not sure what to think of this yet. I’m still digesting trying to figure out what is really the best way forward? My logic says that this is the flu and let’s move on. Then i see main stream media and the sky is falling. No doubt any death is tragic. Please everybody, take […]

Reopening a Business After the Coronavirus Shutdown

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to have an unprecedented effect on daily life, many business owners are looking forward to the future and a return to normalcy. However, even when stay-at-home orders are lifted and nonessential businesses are allowed to resume operations, there’s a lot for organizations to consider before they reopen their doors. […]

How Might I Stay in Business?

Most of us Small Business Owners are Asking HOW does the Stimulus Package Help my Small Business? You may be asking – How do I stay in business? How do I keep employees, or sub-contractors viable? There are essentially 2 forms of loans. CARES Act Small Business Loan Provisions Through the Paycheck Protection Program Through […]